Friday, April 12, 2013

Willie Buck, Cell Phone Man

Leave it to Delmark Records to keep reminding us that Chicago is far from over as the blues capitol of the world. If you don't know Willie Buck (and I am afraid I didn't) you are in for something nice. He's a singer in the full tradition of the soulful cats like Bland and Muddy and he sings with power on the first album he's made in years, Cell Phone Man (Delmark DE 825).

He's backed significantly by guitarist Rockin' Johnny's band, a hip real-thing aggregate that gives us a tight old-school stomping and some really impressive Rockin' Johnny guitar. You'll recognize some of the tunes--like "Two Trains Running"--and some are new at least to me but they all have that Chicago 1958 raw-tight hipness that is hard to resist.

Yeah Willie Buck! Yeah Rockin' Johnny! Yeah band!

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