Friday, April 19, 2013

Guy Klucevsek, Polka From the Fringe

Avant polka, new thing polka, dada polka, minimalist polka, punk-skronk polka, tongue-in-polka, metal polka, polka polka, who would put all that together better than Guy Klucevsek, accordion master and conceptual audio-artist (aka musician on the fringe)? And so we have this to ponder, dance and live to on a two-CD set, Polka From the Fringe (Starkland ST-218).

Guy, his accordion, his iconoclastic take on tradition and various musician-composers of like mind take the aural stage for 29 polkas inside-out, inside and outside. There are folks contributing from the cream of the new music and avant jazz scene, for example Elliott Sharp, Peter Garland, Bobby Previte, Mary Ellen Childs, Anthony Coleman, Tom Cora, Fred Frith, Phillip Johnston, just to name a few.

They run through a madcap array of Polka-induced creativity segments. Anything goes, with the constant of Guy's accordion centering it all. It's a funny-serious launching pad of all kinds of antics that will fascinate, satisfy, tickle and give contentual flesh to all manner of downtown and out-of-town polka rebirthing.

It's just the thing if you want something different and Guy is the one to pull it all together. Lawrence Welk never sounded like this!

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