Friday, August 23, 2013

Andrea Centazzo, Marilyn Crispell, Stolen Moment

There is an Ictus (00180) CD-Rom and indeed a very good one that's been around for a short while. It features a duo of Andrea Centazzo on drums and percussion, Marilyn Crispell on piano in a series of four improvisations.

If like most of my readers you know the music of these two, you know that a meeting of them in a spontaneous setting is bound to be something good. And that is what it IS. Stolen Moment is something to behear, to mangle an expression.

There is an incredible aura the two create in this stolen moment together. It is filled with a haunting spaciousness, a concentrated drama of sound and silence, an uncanny simpatico between the two that is inspired. They create an interplay of varying density, sparse to full, slow and cosmic to rapid and fire-stoked.

Andreas Centazzo in his many years of wonderful activity has become a completely original and startlingly inventive percussion orchestra unto himself. He most certainly is that here in one of his most moving performances in years.

Marilyn Crispell is the master of many zones of improvisational pianism. Here she shines in a freely abstracted place that she more or less owns.

Put the two together and, certainly on this occasion, there is magic. Stolen Moment is a magical disk, one you should not miss.

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