Thursday, August 22, 2013

Francois Carrier, Overground to the Vortex

Francois Carrier has shown himself especially over the last several years as an alto saxophonist and leader of avant freedom jazz that has consistency, fire and great invention. The latest, Overground to the Vortex (Not Two 904-2), confirms that and sends us to some nicely constructed new zones.

Francois is aided and abetted by John Edwards, bass, and Michel Lambert, drums, players who get it and give back in full measure for formidable threesome work. They are joined by English pianist Steve Beresford for much of this live set (at the Vortex in London) and that most definitely adds to the whole.

This is music of the well-turned line as much as it is sound sculpture. Francois is a master of both and comes through once again. But this is a group effort and everyone is on top of where the wave is riding, cresting and flowing.

Top avant jazz! No question. Ride this wave and you will get to a new shore.

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