Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lauren Kinhan, Circle in a Square

New York Voices' singer Lauren Kinhan has a new album of her own out, Circle in a Square (Dotted i 1001). It gives us the exposed version of her consummate artistry, so to speak, and shows her as a songwriter of genuine talent.

She does this all with an excellent backing band that includes keyboardist Andy Ezrin, Will Lee on bass, plus special guests Randy Brecker, Donny McCaslin and Gary Versace, among others.

The title tune is a real winner but the others are too. It's modern contemporary jazz song smithing of the highest order. And her singing has the marvelous nuance that makes her formidable.

In this particular case that truly does cover what you get. You should hear this one. It's more than a keeper; it's a killer in what it does to/for you!


  1. Thank You Grego! I really appreciate your review. Yours, Lauren

  2. My pleasure Lauren! That is quite an album and it's giving me lots of pleasure. The songs are staying in my head too.
    All best,