Monday, July 7, 2014

Francois Carrier, The Russian Concerts Volume 1

The trio of Francois Carrier (alto sax), Michel Lambert (drums) and Alexey Lapin (piano) have been going at it for some time now (type Francois's name in the search box for previous albums), principally via a number of concert appearances of the three in Russia. The 2013 tour is bearing fruit in the release The Russian Concerts Volume 1 (FMR CD367).

Based on this volume one hopes for a good deal more. The first volume finds the three in excellent form. Francois is a dynamo, a force of nature-through-art, playing endless streams of inspired saxophony notable for its exceptionally developed sound fingerprint as well as a liquidity of continuous invention. Michel Lambert's drums are always appropriate, original and sonically alive. Alexey Lapin gives us his far-ranging, freely spontaneous yet incisive pianism at peak levels.

Put these three together these days and you have some spontaneous combustions of great power and poetic art.

This is some free improvisation to define the medium today. This is art! It's also one of their very best! Listen and be convinced.

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