Thursday, April 22, 2010

Copernicus' First Album Reissued

Copernicus is cattiwumpus. That's a word my father used and others of his generation and no doubt generations preceding. Here I mean that Copernicus is not quite flush with the universe we inhabit in the everyday. He has at least one foot in another world.

And when you listen to his first LP, Nothing Exists (1984), just re-released on Nevermore/MoonJune, that feeling is at the fore. This is Copernicus in a kind of new wave-progressive-punkish-psychedelic mode, at least in terms of the background band, who play nicely and in various bags. Copernicus raps, howls, and recites in a kind of existential manner throughout. As I said before of his last release, it's as if the Jim Morrison of "The End" has extended and exploded his recitation imagery and spread it out over an entire album.

This recording is out there, and fascinatingly so. Copernicus is unique.

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