Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yuganaut Return with Second Release

The three-man cooperative Yuganaut returns this month with a second offering, Sharks (Engine). As with This Musicianship (Esp, 2008), Yuganaut provides a musically choreographed soundtrack to a three-way free exploration.

Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann play a variety of instruments to create episodic, thoughtfully contrived musical events that hang together in a new-music-meets-free-improvisation sort of hybrid. It's not a particularly aggressive sound that they construct. The music does not have a bursting-with-energy denseness that characterizes much work by others in this genre. Rather they use the air of no-sound to contrast with the particular sets of timbres and textures being evoked at any given point. It is this sort of framing that sets the music apart, like many of Tom Abbs' fine earlier efforts under his own name.

Yuganaut plays trio music with narrative thrust. It is winningly crafted. You can get it as a download or a CD at ESP Disk's website, among other outlets.

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