Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clarinetist Michael Thieke with Christian Weber & Michael Griener

If there is a flow to the sequence of these blogposts, it is sometimes serendipitous. German clarinetist Michael Thieke, for example, has been a member of Gebhart Ullmann's Clarinet Trio; Ullmann was a featured artist on yesterday's posting. That just happens to be the case; I did not plan it.

However the segue is logical and sensible. The Ayler Download Series recording The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse pits Michael Thieke's clarinet, alto clarinet and alto sax with Christian Weber's bass and Michael Griener's drums for a most fruitful trio session.

Thieke's three-pronged attack on the reed instruments he favors on this recording is limber and freely creative. In the seven relatively brief tracks on this release, Thieke lets loose with compelling, snakingly writhing lines of very good free invention while Weber and Griener put forth appropriate and interesting counterlines.

The moods are freely but contrastingly constructed; they show good variety with timeless, punctuating or pulsating attacks, energetic forays or more quietly meditative ruminations, exotic timbres or musical line-weaving of good provenance.

Here are three more European players well worth hearing, captured in a good point in time where all are relaxed and inspired. Listen and like.

It's a download only release, so click away at the Ayler link on this page if you want to find out how that works.

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