Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New One From Chicago Tenor-Soprano Chris Greene

Some acoustic funkiness, straight ahead post-bop, a couple of standards, a Black Eyed Peas cover, a Latin-ish number, some blowing-vehicle originals, that's Chris Greene's new third CD Merge (Single Malt).

Mr. Greene plays the tenor and soprano in a contemporary mode. He has a nice tone on both instruments and runs lines that are not especially derivative. He tends not to play the gritty overtone harmonics that many working in his genre do, and that makes him a little different. His quartet mates of keys-bass-drums are unpretentiously articulate in a low-key sort of way and they set the stage for Greene's explorations.

All in all this is a most pleasant listen. Look to Chris Greene for further developments. As it is he has most definitely embarked on a journey to someplace that is not uninteresting.


  1. He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.......................................................

  2. Very true. Thanks. Also true: He who climbs the ladder to the top no longer needs the ladder (Wittgenstein). Unless of course he would like to get down from the roof!