Monday, July 26, 2010

John Stevens Trio with Frode Gjerstad, Last Recording

John Stevens's Detail was undoubtedly one of his most fruitful associations. This is free jazz at its finest. Norwegian altoist Frode Gjerstad and bassist Kent Carter meld with Stevens and create a magical music that transcends time and place. They most certainly do this on their final recording, Last Detail - Live at Cafe Sting (Cadence Jazz 1068).

The release brings to you in fine fidelity the doings of a set of music from May 2, 1994 (plus one cut from May 27). It smolders. burns and leaves you to bask in the glow of the evenly sustained embers of the last days of John Stevens's musical life.

It's some of the best music the three have made, collectively and individually. You should not miss it if you can help it! Check it out by going to, then clicking on CJR.

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