Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mark Lomax Trio Steps Forward with Some Good Outbop

I am not entirely familiar with the names represented on today's CD.That is not surprising. We have many names out there, people playing music that is worth considering. The names of Mark Lomax, drummer, and his associates Edwin Bayard (tenor) and Dean Hulett (acoustic bass) may not be on the tip of the tongues of jazz-improv lovers everywhere, but they go some distance on The State of Black America (Inarhyme 1005) in making that a possibility. It's a full set of outbop-nubop-nobop, swinging rooted music that shows off their abilities in a good light.

Though Mr. Bayard plays the tenor, I hear a certain affinity with the late Jackie McLean in his solos. There's an edgy sharpness and a full-out presence that he shares with the Mac. That doesn't mean he is some sort of McLean protege. It just means that I am favorably reminded of things I liked in Jackie's playing.

The trio is on the mark throughout. I am happy to have the chance to hear them on this disk. And I would certainly look forward to hearing more from them. It's a goodie, this one.

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