Friday, August 22, 2014

David Helbock's Random/Control, Think of Two

When you "think of two", you may find yourself thinking about Thelonious Monk's classic piece, "Think of One". So then what is the "two"? In a way that's the idea behind David Helbock's Random/Control and their album title, Think of Two (Traumton Records 4599). The one and two of this album consists of the music of Thelonious Monk and Brazilian heavyweight Hermeto Pascoal.

Now I and probably you wouldn't ordinarily put the two together in the same breath. And perhaps that's part of what gives this album a certain zing. It's all about the music of the two, juxtaposed and re-arranged in very good ways by a most versatile and multi-instrumental threesome.

Leader David Helbock plays piano, toy piano, melodica and miscellania along with electronics. Johannes Bar plays all manner of brass instruments from trumpet to tuba and beyond, and seconds David in his participation with the electronics. Andreas Broger plays tenor, soprano, clarinet, bass clarinet, slide-trumpet, flute, percussion and, again, has to do with the electronics.

They are all more than creditable on the various instruments. They thrive. But it is especially the intricate, evolved and quirky arrangements in conjunction with great songs that puts this one in a special place.

They chose some Monk and Pascoal winners and weave a pretty zany web of sounds around them. The multi-instrumental capability is something in itself. And then the results are not some kind of gimmickry, but fully "orchestrated" by the instruments at hand. I assume all three had a hand in the arrangements, but in any event they take things outside now and again, creatively construct and destruct the melody lines, and come together with a great good humor and zest.

It's one of those that grows on you the more you listen. It's both fun and quite serious but regardless listening remains a pleasure of surprises throughout.

Check this one out, by all means!

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