Friday, August 29, 2014

Adam Schroeder, Let's

The baritone sax has a special place in my listening mind. There are not quite so many of them and as a result perhaps the very good players appear in bold relief all the more readily. Adam Schroeder is one of them out there doing it today. If I am not mistaken the last album of his I covered was back in 2010 when the Gapplegate Guitar Blog carried some of the jazz overspill, guitar or bass or not.

Today we get with his latest, Let's (Capri 74134-2). The date gives us another straightforward, hard-blowing Schroeder bop-and-after sampler. He's teamed up with John Clayton, a fine bassist, Anthony Wilson on guitar and Jeff Hamilton on drums. Jeff most jazz listeners will know for his way and his many album appearances. Anthony Wilson perhaps is not as well known but serves up some tasteful rootsy solos and comps effectively.

The material is a good mix of Schroeder originals and some classics by Stevie Wonder, Duke Pearson--and Thad Jones on the title tune, among others.

This has some of the old Blue Note sound in the way the band digs in. Adam goes at you with strong tone and plenty of all the right notes for the hard bop-bebop mode. He shines forth and the band keeps right with him with their own individual contributions.

If you dig a good baritone player, Let's gives you plenty to appreciate.

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