Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hal Galper Trio, O's Time

As I understand it piano great Hal Galper is teaching less nowadays to devote more time to performance. To music lovers like me that can only be a good thing. And in fact we mark the occasion with a new volume of his rubato-centered recordings: O's Time (Origin 82670).

It's a freewheeling set of jazz standards, songbook standards and a Galper original. The trio sounds quite bracing. Bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop play open form, swingingly free multi-time rubato in response to Hal's vibrant playing. There is some attention to changes now and again but then there is fluid freedom which choses to go ahead without strict adherence to bar lines or chordal sequences.

Hal sounds great in a freebop mode, with much to say and the freedom to take his own roots and extend them outwards. Jeff takes some very interesting solo time and makes great use of it. And John's drumming implies a multi-dimensional timeliness that further opens up the expressive mood and spurs the others onward.

Hal Galper has done some beautiful work and must be counted as one of our living piano treasures, so to speak. He shows you why in no uncertain terms on this lively set.

An outstanding record, I must say!

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