Thursday, May 19, 2016

Louis Heriveaux, Triadic Episode

From the Atlanta jazz scene bursts forth pianist Louis Heriveaux and his first album as a leader, Triadic Episode (Hot Shoe Records 110). He's spent some time working with others, paying dues, and clearly his day has come, right now. The album features covers and originals, all given a Heriveaux touch and the extremely able and willing musical hipness of Curtis Lundy on bass, Terreon Gully on drums.

Louis opens the set with a good Mulgrew Miller piece. He cites Mulgrew as an influence and that you can hear--along with bop-and-after piano roots of folks like Hancock, the hard boppers, the modern swingers, maybe a hint of Corea, but all put into the immediacy and original outlook of the Louis Heriveaux improvisational stance.

It's a sophisticated view that is harmonically informed and has line-hip linearity. "Body and Soul" gives you his thoughtful ballad style and then you also have a chance to swing along to the originals and other worthy standards fare.

Lundy and Gully make the entire set push forward with the subtle and the seething in the right mix, setting up the Louis earthy-modern soulful strutting and magically lilting contrasts of Louis the mainstream stylist, the new original.

If you love the piano modern tradition this one will give you a good deal to smile about, to tap your foot, to revel in unexpected and expected bright moments, all working together to an impressive debut result. Heriveaux is dig, to stay I would surely think. Wrap your ears around this one without fail!

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