Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chris McNulty, Eternal

You know you are in for something good with the very first cut, an obscure but beautiful Steve Kuhn song "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers." It's the album by singer Chris McNulty, Eternal (Palmetto 2176). Chris is a singer of real poise, perfect intonation and much nuance. She comes to us with a good program of well-known and lesser-known standards, with nice backing from the trio of John Di Martino, piano, Ugonna Okegwo, bass, and Gregory Hutchinson, drums, but then some stunning chamber orchestral arrangements on top of that by Steve Newcomb, in a sort of post-Gil-Evans impressionism that adds an extraordinary touch to it all.

The music glows and sets off Ms. McNulty's beautiful voice in the best possible way. We get "Star Dust," "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life," and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" among others, all presented to us with precise diction and real musicality. The arrangements are gorgeous.

With all the elements combined so deftly, Eternal is quite a stunner! It just keeps sounding better every time I hear it. Perfect for the spring in your heart, no matter what the season. Very recommended.

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