Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jeff Cosgrove, Frank Kimbrough, Martin Wind, Conversations with Owls

Talented and multi-faceted drummer Jeff Cosgrove last graced these pages last June 2nd with a trio recording that included the ever-inventive twosome of Matt Shipp and William Parker (Alternate Currents). He returns today with another piano trio lineup and a new CD called Conversations with Owls (self-released).

This time out it is Frank Kimbrough on piano, who I've come to appreciate over the years and reviewed fairly often for Cadence and then the Gapplegate Blogs. Martin Wind is on bass and acquits himself well.

This is loose and free yet harmonically involved music, a sort of free offshoot that pays respect to classic Bill Evans trios while it opens the structures up and tends towards rubato, open-form time. There are poignant, lovely versions of "I Loves You Porgy" and "My Favorite Things," along with a series of three-way compositional improvisations.

Jeff Cosgrove once again impresses with his open-time creativity and melodic sense. Kimbrough shows again that he has giant ears and a real pianistic touch. Martin Wind creates the bass voice with skill and selectivity. All three work together to achieve a synergy that makes the piano trio art still viable and very much alive.

This is an album all who appreciate an advanced trio effort will respond to. Very recommended.

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