Thursday, February 28, 2013

Francois Carrier, Michael Lambert, Shores and Ditches

Another good one from altoist Francois Carrier and his drumming cohort Michel Lambert, Shores and Ditches (FMR 340-0512). They start things off with a vividly bright duo, "Caldera," that reminds us how much in control Francois Carrier is on his instrument. It's very free and he executes with a tone that varies with what he wants to say, yet also opens up into an almost balladic territory. All this while Michel Lambert shows us he has great dynamic, creative sensibilities as well. Francois comes back hard after a short drum solo, then brings the balladic touch on again to close.

"Upstream" places bassist Guillame Viltard into the mix for a long empassioned improvisation. By the time "Kladi" hits the group is augmented with the addition of Neil Metcalf's flute and Daniel Thompson on guitar, who add effective counterlines and everybody brings on the main current.

The haunting sound of church bells and tinking, rattling percussion set up the title cut, which gives plenty of space once again to Francois and his almost classic-Apollonian soliloquoy.

It's a wonderful date. Carrier is essential listening in the avant free zone, and nowhere more so than here.

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