Friday, February 22, 2013

Jeb Bishop, Jorrit Dijkstra, 1000 Words

After yesterday's review of the Whammies, we return with two of those folks doing duets. It's Jeb Bishop and Jorrit Dijkstra and their 1000 Words (Driff 1202).

Both Jeb and Jorrit of course have established themselves over time as extraordinary players (trombone and alto, respectively) and very game jazz composers. On this album they combine the two for a series of duets that are anything but humdrum.

It's the very engaging qualities of the compositions that put the album into excellent territory. They frame the improvisations, set them up and surround them. And since these are top-class improvisers, the whole thing very much comes together.

I am reminded of Roscoe Mitchell's excellent small group, drumless albums of some years ago. Like them this has torque and freedom, outness tempered by music-compositional goals.

It's a fine date. You'll find plenty to dig into here.

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