Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kali Fasteau, Vivid, 1998-99

Ms. Kali. Z. Fasteau knows how to get a great batch of avant players together and facilitate them. Here we are today with yet another recording in her pretty extensive, impressive discography, Vivid (Flying Note 9007) live from 1998-99. Kali is joined by the happy confluence of Hamid Drake, Sabir Mateen, Joe McPhee, Ron McBee and William Parker.

This is excellent for some really lively horn swarms, collective improvisations of genuine fire and spirit with very hot free rhythm underpinning. As always Kali makes her presence felt most effectively on vocals and a variety of instruments, and her compatriots surround, expound, and cover all the free ground that is truly their turf.

This one is hot!

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