Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carlos Alves "Zingaro", Jean Luc Cappozzo, Jerome Bourdellon, Nicolas Lelievre, Live at Total Meeting

A European avant quartet live, featuring the interesting violin playing of Carlos Alves "Zingaro"? That is what is in the offing on Live at Total Meeting (No Business NBCD 48).

The somewhat unusual lineup of violin, two horns and drums holds forth at the Total Meeting Festival in Tours, France, December 2010. Zingaro is joined by Jean Luc Cappozzo on trumpet and bugle, Jerome Bourdellon on flutes (including an incredible sounding bass flute) and bass clarinet, and Nicolas Lelievre on percussion/drums.

It's a very free spontaneous set where everybody lets loose and hopes it all works. It does. Zingaro, Jean Luc and Jerome have something to say on their instruments (LOVE that bass flute) and Nicolas adds his somewhat subtle percussive barrage.

If you love free done well, here it is, by people we don't hear that much from otherwise. Encore!

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