Monday, February 25, 2013

Liudas Mockūnas and Barry Guy, Lava

Barry Guy over the years has remained essential, personally original and openly creative. He still occupies a space at the very pinnacle of excellence in the "free" jazz, improvisational contrabass realm.

For Lava (No Business NBLP 54), he teams with saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas for a limited edition LP of the two holding forth in the free zone. Liudas dons the soprano, tenor and bass saxophones and interacts impressively well with the always on Mr. Guy. Barry's playing is here as elsewhere a model of sound originality, dynamic heft and percussive/timbral zone patterning.

It's avant improv at levels aficionados will recognize as peak. Mr. Mockūnas holds his own impressively. This is what we come to expect from No Business releases: pure genre (whatever that means), uncompromising, vital.

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