Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bobby Bradford, Frode Gjerstad, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love, Kampen

The best moments of the Bobby Bradford-John Carter group were tremendously exciting. With John Carter long gone all that has come to an end. Happily the immediacy and thrill of the quartet has a new counterpart in Kampen (No Business LP 51).

Bobby Bradford charges forth, sounding very fit, Frode Gjerstad holds his own very effectively on clarinets and alto, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten does some excellent work on bass, and Paal Nilssen-Love prevails at the drums. Now that's a heck of a group and they live up to their potential completely and nicely on this album.

There's the sort of freedom to be had here that has the interactive clout of four sympathetic, gifted and very creative individuals. The four-way dialog is fabulous, the two-horn front line getting a third "horn" in the excellent bass playing of Haker Flaten, with Nilssen-Love coming through as he always does with loose but driving, sonically sensitive drumming.

It's a beautiful LP, not to be missed. Bradford fans will not be disappointed. What a band.

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