Friday, February 22, 2013

Louis Durra, Rocket Science

Pianist Louis Durra's new Rocket Science (Lot 50 1201) continues and builds on the idea of an acoustic piano trio that plays a sort of jazz-rock--familiar songs like "One Love" and "Back in the USSR" along with originals, all with the idea of making the trio thing accessible to folks who might not dig "Laura" or the old standards thing.

There are other trios doing it too, as you know I am sure. Durra and his bandmates Jerry Kalaf (drums) and Ryan McGillicuddy or Larry Steen (bass) do some somewhat ambitious arrangements that might not be quite as hairpin as Bad Plus but have straightforwardly listenable premises.

It's good music. It plays well on the playback machine (dare I still call it a stereo?). It is worth your time. Need I say more?

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